Seek him with all your heart, and you shall find him with all your heart!

Growing in Christ, so we may grow together

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I created this community with hopes that Christians from all over would post their thoughts on issues going on, prayer requests, spiritual revelations, praises, etc. The Lord has been teaching me that there is no distance in the spiritual realm. So whatever you post here, no matter how far away, we will pray in faith, and you will be healed. We fully expect all the gifts of the spirit, even though this is online. We will witness to those who read, and will minister for those who post. We do expect the post to be appropriete, otherwise, you will be kicked out of the community, or your posting right banned. We do believe in the kingdom of darkness, but we know we already have victory. The bible is the basic foundation for what we believe. If it cant be backed up in there, we dont want it here. I pray that those who post, God will bless for there courage to share the truth. And I pray that those who read, that the truth would unveil one more scale from there eyes. In His love. Travis!