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Your good spoken evil [May. 16th, 2004|05:23 pm]


Folks, recently amongst you i hear that there is evil, and you claim that it is good. No matter what good it is, do not do it, if it is spoken evil of. If listeining to secular music is being spoken evil of you then do not do it. No matter how fun yugioh or any other card game is, if you are being spoken evil of about it, do not do it. And i know people that speak evil of most people who play it, so dont.

[User Picture]From: deloreanflux88
2004-05-17 08:37 am (UTC)
why? then you are living life according to man's opinion. God isn't gonna give a rat's bum if you play yugioh. Maybe the "popular" kids will reject you, but they are not God, and their opinions don't matter one bit. They may matter to you, but not to me. If God decides to make an 11th Commandment, "thou shalt obey the popular kid's preferences" then maybe I would follow it, but until then, i don't care
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[User Picture]From: chester_77
2004-05-17 12:11 pm (UTC)

Sadly i thought

I thought people would have a contriversy with this. I do not care what the "popular" kids think. but 2 things make this real obvious what you should do. The "popular" kids need Jesus too. There for if they dont like what you do and it isnt commanded in teh bible to already do it, then dont do it. "do not let your good be spoken evil of" its right in the bible. The second thing is Yugioh is a card game of monsters, and magic, and even a realm of darkness, that the egyptians used to temper with. The bible clearly says stay away from these things, and you know what, do some research the game wasnt created "just for fun" there is a point, and obviously so many of us can not see the darkness in card games like that. The bible says for us to stay away from them, and do not even live around them, but to destroy that influence. I pray the Lord opens your eyes. Research it some, and you will see.

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[User Picture]From: deloreanflux88
2004-05-18 08:11 am (UTC)
well, you see the thing is, if someone actually thinks yugioh is real, then they are a moron. Most people know it is just pretend, so it causes no mental harm. Imaginations are good things to have. Magic isn't real. So what is the harm in pretending? All the yugioh and magic players I have met are usually really smart, and most are Christians, pretty strong Christians. So its obvious these cards have no effect to slash at their faith. And the kids who think its "evil" to play yugioh have a serious problem, and probably need to realize that Jesus accepted everybody, He would even accept yugioh players. I am not trying to make fun of you or anything, so don't take this the wrong way.
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[User Picture]From: munchycrunchie
2004-05-19 07:32 pm (UTC)
i think what he is saying is not that he doesnt accept those who play, but that the lost people who really need Jesus dont like it, and that makes them less likely to accept the christians who otherwise could be the ones to help them come to Christ.

and our enemy is a deceiving one. he wants us to think it isnt affecting us when in fact it is, whether we realize it or not. it may not make us worse necessarily, but could cause us to get stuck on one level in our relationship with God, rather than growing closer to Him and fulfilling what we could be if these games were not hindering us.

but i'm glad you were mature about your disagreement. rather than "yelling" and getting mean and nasty about it.

hope this helps some.
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From: krazaegurl
2004-05-21 10:35 pm (UTC)
I know theres lots of bad music out there, but i have to disagree with you on that listening to any secular music is bad.... i love country music and its not bad...... and there are good love songs out there too that aren't bad..... and there are just some "fun" songs that dont really have much meaning behind them but they are just so darn fun to sing along with.... doesnt mean we're all bad...lol.... just some thoughts though....
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-05-24 03:01 pm (UTC)


To me, the verse "Do not let what you consider good to be spoken of as evil.", doesn't sound like "Do nothing that can be spoken of as evil", because then ANYTHING could be considered evil.

It seems more plausible for it to sound like "Do not let legalistic people look down on you because of THEIR convictions".

It's not about what we do or don't do. It's about our hearts. When someone has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts, and I mean TRULY accepted the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, they will be changed from the inside out. We will have convictions, but No food in itself is unclean. It is what comes out of a man's heart that makes him unclean.

If Yu-gi-oh does not convict anyone, and it does not become a higher priority than God, or anything else more important, or it is not negatively affecting your walk with Christ, then it's not wrong to play it. Then again, don't play it around people (Christians) who will "stumble" because of it. Because anything that does not come from faith is a sin.

God is more interested in our hearts, and our motivations. It's not about what we do or don't do. And, if you take a close look at, and research, the verses in Deuteronomy, they condemn the pratices which AT THE TIME were "witchcraft". This involved tapping into the power of demons to cast spells.

When making those kind of decisions, look at your motivation, and whether or not it convicts you. God will not let you be led astray if you seek Him with all your heart.
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[User Picture]From: richchesnut
2004-07-30 06:08 pm (UTC)

You've got to be kidding me. . .

Nothing amazes me more than how much those of us within the Christendom are willing to embrace the fantasies of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien because both took a great deal of inspiration from the Bible, but when it comes to Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other stuff which is largely inspired from the writings of both Tolkien and Lewis, suddenly we get judgemental. Now, that's not playing fairly.

And, for those who disagree with people for enjoying Yu-Gi-Oh: I'm sure you do things that they disagree with too! While I understand that there is a time to address something that is definately wrong, going off on tangents about trivial stuff is generally a good point to take a look in the mirror and make sure a Pharisee isn't looking back at you.
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[User Picture]From: chester_77
2004-07-31 09:39 am (UTC)

Re: You've got to be kidding me. . .

Just for the note. I do not support either of them because i believe the comprimise christianity and mix in the mystical witchcraft and the such in order to make it appealing. And there is no Pharisee looking back in the mirror because of repentance. I take no place in any of the such things. God bless you.
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[User Picture]From: shieldofdavid
2005-05-11 09:54 pm (UTC)

too much of man's opinions

It would be great to discuss all of this by referring to the scriptures.

I'd like to say there is a happy balance.

1. It is not our place as "Christians" to judge the world but rather to exhort each other (believers) to live a life glorifying to the Lord we claim to serve. It is written that we should strive (I doubt any of us have reached this yet) to do all things to the glory of God.

2. Involvment in fantasy fiction, such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter cannot be directly linked with witchcraft, which is real and people still practice it.

3. Personal choices of involvment, whether music, games, etc., are open to various opinions and should not be strictly judged by other men.

4. It is written that we are called out of the world and are no longer to be like the world. "Christians" would do well to to be more consecrated unto their Lord, instead of making excuses as to why it is okay to be like those who do not serve that Lord.

5. If we are seeking God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, then will we keep stuff in our life, whether sin or not, that will hinder us in that persuit?

6. So, it is not a matter of "legalism" but of fruit. Jesus said, "If you love me, obey my commandments." We would do well to focus in on the obvious commandments, the basics. Once we have the basics down, we should continue growing by going deeper. The "legalism" message above should be balanced out as "grace" is not a license to disobey. Jesus said there will come day when we will all be judged before him and to MANY who say, "Lord, Lord"- meaning they believed in him as Lord - but he will respond, "Depart from me you WORKERS OF INIQUITY, I never knew you."

7. The best way for us to admonish others to holiness, once we allow the GRACE of God through Jesus to give us power to live holy lives, is to live the example. If we are living the example, taking the log out of our own eye, then maybe we can point out the speck in another's eye.

In closing, if you are absolutely sure that you are not hindered in loving Jesus (remember that takes obedience to commands), than continue to play your games. A few years ago, I still played some computer games that had sorcery and magic in them. I was serving God at that time and was quite successful at the level I was at in ministering to young people. However, as I grew spiritually, I threw off such weights that hindered my progress and no longer play such games - not because of legalistic observance of commandments, but because of my love for Jesus, which overrules all others.

So, the best thing for us all is to love God and love each other, yes that takes obeying HIS COMMANDS. However, we should be quick to encourage others to follow Jesus truly while being slow to condemn and criticize what we perceive as weaknesses.

I hope you understand I am not putting any down or taking sides, but rather trying to speak balance into this discussion so we may be in unity and love.

Have a great day!

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