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A new creation [Apr. 25th, 2004|05:06 pm]


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It seemed everyone knows the message of salvation, so im leaving it to them to decide, but for those who arent sure what to do after that, this is for you.

Once saved, the Lord makes our spirits brand new. We are set free from sin, and death. And now we choose to live a life for the Lord.

Now lets look at the Lord as a king. Would a good servent slack of when the king isnt looking. Would a good servent lie to his king. Would a good servent disobey his king. No. Nor should we. After we are saved we are made new. We MUST leave our lives of sin. It is just an excuse to say we sin everyday. That is a lie put in our heads by Satan. Christ died for our sins, now we dont have keep making them. The Lord provides strength out of that.

*a side note
Many people ask me how can i believe once in grace always in grace. I believe not cause i think if those people who claim God one day, then go out and get drunk and cheat and steal the next. I believe that if you have truelly met the Lord a change can be seen in your daily life. I believe that if you have addictions the Lord can break them. I believe if you lie constantly, the Lord will set you free of that. I dont think someone who has truelly met the Lord of Heaven and Earth, who created everything, can go back to a life of sin, like he was living in before he "met God".

One of the most important things we preach is forgiveness of sins, but that doesnt help to many strong christians. So your forgiven, now what. Understand that Jesus did much much much more than just die for our sins. God cursed him so we are blessed, Jesus was made poor so we can be rich. (do not mistake that with greedy). Jesus was beat so we are healed of EVERY SICKNESS. There is not a sickness that can not be healed. Jesus raised the dead, and we the followers of him can do the same. Jesus was tied and bound, so that we may be free from all bondage, addictions, sin, lust. Everything.

If you truelly have met the Lord dont straddle the fence between sin, and Holy. Cause you dont know where you will land. Repent of ALL your wicked ways and be holy for the Lord is Holy. With blessings and prayers in Jesus name.


[User Picture]From: shieldofdavid
2005-05-11 10:07 pm (UTC)

Good News


I agree with Chester because the scriptures agree. The above example is only one and you are free to do your own bible study on it.

Grace is commonly misunderstood to be that you can "get saved" because of what Jesus did, but that you do not have to stop sinning after that.

Have any "Christians", even the apostles, lived sinless lives? No! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

So what are we saying then? That our INTENTION after trusting in Jesus and being made new, is to cease from all sin, or as the bible says, repent. This is the message all prophets and Jesus himself preached - repent, repent, repent - not simply the message of confession and keep sinning preached today.

Well, the problem is we naturally gravitate toward sin because of the desires of our flesh. So what then? We ask our Father in Heaven, holy is His name, to empower us, having obtained grace and love through Jesus, so we may be holy as He is holy. He will do it if you truly repent and trust in Him. I'm a living testimony of this as I USED to be addicted to drugs, involved in crime, hateful towards others, rebellious towards authority, etc. Jesus SET ME FREE! I'm not bound to sin anymore - you don't have to be either. Ask Jesus to take over - he's a better "driver" than you anyway!

Be blessed!

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